Joining Policy


SON-IX is a open and neutral internet exchange located in the area of South-East Lower Saxoy, Germany. We’re aiming at providing access to SON-IX at Hannover, Wolfsburg, Braunschweig and further locations. Our goal is to create an example of decentralised, low latency focused peering by bringing local networks closer together. We are founded by network engineers with no commercial focus or influence from external factors. We are dedicated to provide a low latency IX in our local region.

Administrative Requirements

Any member who meets our rules may join our IXP. We promote an open peering policy that benefits connectivity in our region. In order to maintain security, quality and continuity we requite the following from our members:

  • Members must be a natural or legal entity.
  • Members may only pursue activities that are in accordance with German law.
  • Members must have an ASN issued by one of the IRRs.

To ensure our operation, members must provide the following contact information:

  • A valid mailing address.
  • A reachable telephone number and e-mail address for technical and administrative communication.
  • A 24/7 available NOC e-mail address or telephone number.

Technical Requirements

To ensure a reliable and secure peering environment, we require the following technical requirements:

  • For every connected port, members must provide a single mac address which is allowed in the peering lan.
  • Members do not attempt to interfere in any way with traffic from other members.
  • Members need to be authorized to announce at least one (1) internet routable IPv6 subnet (/48 or larger).
  • A direct physical connection to our infrastructure is mandatory.
  • Members must maintain correct, up to date IRR records.
  • Members must keep an up-to-date PeeringDB record.
  • Members shall apply strict route filtering on all their peering sessions.